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Project 1 was an air conditioner enclosure for the local elementary school, as you can see there had been vandalism to the unit.  R.Y. Enterprise LLC was contracted to build an enclosure. Our guys did an outstanding job. The trick was providing adequate ventilation for the unit in addition to building a suitable enclosure.

Project 2 was a simple deck repair and the job went smoothly. However, R.Y. Enterprise LLC specializes in deck design, as well as repair. Our company was glad to provide a service to another happy customer.

Project 3 displays an exterior paint job. This particular job came as a surprise, our client needed this job done in two days. This only allowed one day for scraping and one day for paint. Again, our employees not only brought the job in on time, but also did an excellent job. Good Work.

Project 4 is a little more complicated, this job was a total interior renovation contracted through HUD Housing. While this was not our first renovation it was a pleasure providing a service that helps others.

Motto:  “Provides professional quality service at a reasonable price”

about ry enterprise, llc

R.Y. Enterprise, LLC was founded in February 2014 by Richard Wieser and Yvonne Bashay. Richard serves as the Project Manager while Yvonne serves as the Business Manager.

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